What medicine does hypotension take high

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Many elderly people have either high blood pressure or low blood pressure. These diseases usually surround the elderly. In fact, these diseases are directly related to life and physical fitness. Let's talk about what medicine to take for low blood pressure and high blood pressure.

What medicine does hypotension take high

First: according to the symptoms you described, if the simple low pressure is high, then you can choose the combination of antihypertensive drugs, and you don't need to worry too much. In case of the above situation, it is suggested that you can choose to combine with Valsartan for treatment. If it can not be reduced, diuretics, such as shuangg and spironolactone, can be added.  

Second: drug control of blood pressure, hypertension patients with international general five categories of drugs to control blood pressure, stable, long-term control of blood pressure, if necessary, can be combined. Low fat and low salt diet, reduce salt intake.

Third, hypotension can lead to a series of cardiovascular diseases. If it's serious, it can lead to cerebral hemorrhage. If you eat low salt diet, you should closely monitor your blood pressure. If you are in general diet therapy, you often eat Lentinus edodes, celery, mangrove, black fungus, spinach, mung bean, persimmon and other foods, Can reduce blood pressure, Chinese medicine treatment can choose Fangji, uncaria, Pueraria, Apocynum venetum.

matters needing attention

Hypotension patients had better take medicine at the same time, but also to a reasonable distribution of their diet, celery is now able to alleviate hypotension, but also very helpful to the patient's body, usually more exercise.