How to use medicine after heart bypass operation

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Heart diseases will bring a lot of burden to the human body. For some reasons, some patients with incomplete heart development need to choose heart bypass surgery. In addition to the necessary surgery, postoperative medication is also very important. Now let's talk about the medication after heart bypass surgery.

How to use medicine after heart bypass operation

First: antiplatelet drugs, in order to reduce the endothelial cell injury and platelet activation caused by in bridge thrombosis, antiplatelet drug therapy is very important. The most commonly used antiplatelet drug is enteric coated aspirin, the conventional dose is 100-300 mg per day, generally recommended for life after surgery. Attention should be paid to gastrointestinal reactions and contraindications during taking.

Second: lipid lowering drugs, vascular grafts, especially venous materials, are very prone to arteriosclerosis, and controlling blood lipid can effectively reduce the occurrence of clinical events. The blood lipid index had better be reduced below normal. Commonly used lipid-lowering drugs are tadine, such as Lipitor, Shujiangzhi, etc. However, it is necessary to check liver function regularly. Due to individual differences, liver function of some patients is obviously affected.

Third: hypoglycemic drugs, diabetic patients must strictly control blood sugar. Oral preparation or subcutaneous injection of insulin can be used, or insulin pump can be selected. The initial adjustment of blood glucose should be carried out under the guidance of doctors. Patients can adjust themselves after they have mastered the regulation methods and rules, and try to control blood glucose within the normal or slightly higher range.   

matters needing attention

After bypass surgery, we need to increase the body's absorption of nutrients. In addition, patients need to pay attention to postoperative medication. Some blood pressure, hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering drugs are indispensable, do not forget to take antiplatelet drugs.