How is acuteness wet wart initial stage cured

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Two weeks ago, I found that there were "polypoid" particles in the vaginal orifice. I went to the city hospital for gynecological examination and was told that the disease had been treated twice. The original wart body had disappeared, and the new one had grown up again. But now the disease has been controlled by treatment. For the problem of how to cure condyloma acuminatum in the early stage, I'll tell you.

How is acuteness wet wart initial stage cured

Treatment 1: physical therapy: condyloma acuminatum virus can die if it is under ultra low temperature. Therefore, cryotherapy is more common in China. Patients can be more than 200 degrees below zero under liquid nitrogen, frozen, thus condyloma surface will be necrosis and fall off. The therapy is healthy and simple, and the patients will not suffer too much during the treatment. This therapy is suitable for the treatment of condyloma with small sores, usually once every two weeks.

Treatment 2: Technology therapy, laser treatment of condyloma, remarkable effect, low recurrence rate. Patients can be stimulated by laser burning to kill the virus. This treatment can be cured at one time. Patients with large area of condyloma can be cured by two or three times of laser treatment. Nowadays, electric cauterization therapy is also more popular. The wound surface is removed by high frequency electric acupuncture, but the treatment process is very painful, which is suitable for small area of condyloma. If the patient's condyloma acuminatum area is too large, then the ordinary treatment is not applicable, can be through large-scale surgery to remove the sore surface, as soon as possible to restore health.

Treatment 3: condyloma acuminatum also has the characteristics of love recurrence, therefore, when we use the above methods away from condyloma acuminatum, or should continue to pay attention to good care, to ensure that this disease will not appear again. In addition, the nursing of patients with condyloma acuminatum should pay attention to diet, such as spicy food is firmly can't touch.

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Warm tips: the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is not easy, in addition to reasonable and standardized treatment, in order to achieve better therapeutic effect, we must follow the doctor's instructions, do a good job, so as to completely get rid of the trouble of the disease, to achieve the purpose of clinical cure.