What reason is pulling defecate meeting haemorrhage

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Fecal bleeding is a red light for health. The reason for this disease is that there are many factors causing fecal bleeding. However, every time we defecate, we find that there is blood in our stool. We are very afraid. We have always been afraid whether we are suffering from a certain disease. Recently, I also have a case of fecal bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is the same There are so many cases. Recently, I have been suffering from anemia due to fecal bleeding, and I have no time to go to the hospital for examination. I want to know what causes frequent fecal bleeding.

What reason is pulling defecate meeting haemorrhage

First: the main cause of fecal bleeding is suffering from anal diseases, such as the following symptoms, such as hemorrhoids or anal fissure. When the patient is trying to defecate, it will lead to bleeding. Anal fissure is often seen in children and adults. When the patient is trying to defecate, he will feel pain or bleeding in the anus, so he will have bleeding.

Second: if you have some intestinal inflammatory diseases, you can choose different treatment methods. If you have stool bleeding, such as acute bacillary dysentery, ulcerative colitis and so on, it will also lead to stool bleeding. The main manifestation is purulent stool, or even bloody stool.

Third: if there is bleeding in the stool, find a suitable treatment for yourself. Every time you defecate, you should use warm water to clean your anus. Usually, you must pay attention to personal hygiene. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation. You can drink a cup of honey water in the morning.

matters needing attention

There are often people who are worried about bleeding when they defecate, and even give themselves a serious psychological shadow, mistaking it as a very serious disease, so psychological shadow appears. In fact, there are many reasons leading to fecal bleeding, usually should exercise more, so as to enhance their resistance and disease resistance, should maintain an optimistic attitude, try not to stay up late, should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.