Effective treatment of vitiligo

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Our department to a new colleague, this was a very happy thing, but did not expect that we know this new colleague looks vitiligo, we are very afraid that he will infect us, fortunately he went to the hospital for examination and treatment, after treatment has improved, so the effective treatment of vitiligo? Now let's take a look at it!

Effective treatment of vitiligo

First: after getting vitiligo, we must pay attention to choose regular vitiligo hospital. Regular hospital not only has advanced medical equipment, but also has experienced doctors, who can accurately diagnose the disease, implement scientific treatment plan for treatment, abide by the doctor's advice, actively cooperate with the treatment, and most patients can control the disease and achieve good treatment effect.

Second: for the treatment of vitiligo, to avoid the use of whitening cosmetics, avoid taking vitamin C drugs. Eat less tomatoes and so on. If the lesion can be found early, it should be treated as soon as possible. After a short period of regular diagnosis and treatment, the normal skin can be recovered.

Third: in the treatment at the same time also need diet and life auxiliary treatment, should pay attention to: less meat, spicy, mainly vegetarian, no smoking, no drinking, no use of vitamin C drugs, eat less food containing vitamin C. Strengthen physical exercise, wear loose and comfortable clothes, beware of trauma, do not expose to the sun in summer.

matters needing attention

Warm tips: patients should pay special attention to the diet, usually eat more light, warm food, timely acid, spicy and other stimulating food, usually do not overeat, so as not to cause burden to the stomach, to a reasonable diet for white Vitiligo patients should pay attention to diet, too sour or spicy food may also affect the condition and treatment effect, such as tobacco, wine, pepper.