Do painless abortion where best

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Abortion refers to the situation in which a pregnant woman stops her pregnancy before reaching 28 weeks. It can be divided into two types: induced abortion and spontaneous abortion. Most of them were early abortion. Now let's talk about painless abortion where the best

Do painless abortion where best

First of all: after the abortion, women's body is very weak, the body's resistance to external bacteria is also poor, so we should pay attention to conditioning the body after the abortion. Do not wash with cold water after abortion, even if the physical quality is better, it is best to touch cold water after 30 days of abortion.

Secondly: do not touch cold water after abortion, try to use warm water, otherwise the joints will fall down, because cold water may cause uterine spasm pain.

Finally: after the abortion operation, the first thing women should pay attention to is not to let themselves get cold, and they should not touch cold water within half a month.

matters needing attention

As for how long can we touch cold water after abortion, I believe we have some understanding. After abortion, we should also pay attention to avoid eating raw and cold food, and try to eat some warm food.