What food is good to esophagus cancer

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Recently, when I eat, I always feel uncomfortable in my throat. I feel a tingling sensation. Recently, I feel pain when I drink water. It's like having foreign bodies. I'm afraid. I went to the hospital and found that it's early esophageal cancer. Through strict treatment, my condition is stable. Do you want to know what food is good for esophageal cancer? Let me discuss with you what food is good for esophageal cancer.

What food is good to esophagus cancer

Diet one: first of all, we have to treat the tumor. Diet can't treat the tumor. It's just adjuvant therapy. Only after the treatment of the tumor can we have a meal. Anticancer foods include: Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, mushroom, balsam pear, eggplant, garlic, kelp, etc.

Diet 2: mushrooms, asparagus, eggplant, cabbage are good anti-cancer food. In addition, the diet should be refined and meticulous. We must be patient with the patient's diet. We should not make do with it because we are afraid of trouble. We must take good care of the patient. If it is stuck, we can pat the waist to help the food spit out or swallow.

Diet 3: for patients with surgical treatment, the diet of esophageal cancer is generally taken according to the routine diet after surgery, and can take less and more oral food to ensure nutritional intake. However, those who can't take food orally or complicated with fistula should be given nutrition through jejunostomy. The content of nutrition can be replaced by homogenate mixed milk or essential diet to play the role of nutritional support.

matters needing attention

Improve cooking methods and storage technology, establish good eating habits. Balanced nutrition, promote a variety of vegetables, fruits and oil plants in high incidence areas of esophageal cancer. To increase the intake of vitamin A, B2, C, e, carotene and selenium from the food of local residents and supplement the lack of nutrition. After the development of economy and transportation, increase the variety of food and food from different places to make up for the lack of some nutrients in the local area.