How does 22 years old get esophagus cancer to do

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Now many people will suffer from esophageal cancer. As we all know, esophageal cancer is a kind of terrible malignant tumor. Some time ago, I just heard that my relative's child suffered from esophageal cancer. I went to the hospital for surgical treatment, and now I am cooperating with chemotherapy for consolidation treatment. What about 22-year-old esophageal cancer? Now let me talk about this problem with you.

How does 22 years old get esophagus cancer to do

First of all: 22 years old with esophageal cancer, should receive treatment as soon as possible, drug therapy is one of the methods to treat esophageal cancer, can control the development of the disease to a certain extent, mainly as a preoperative auxiliary means of surgical treatment.

Secondly, for patients with definite diagnosis, limited lesion scope, no distant metastasis and no surgical contraindication, surgical treatment should be considered first, and the effect is also better.

Finally: the treatment of esophageal cancer also includes radiotherapy, which can be carried out at the same time as surgery, or can be used alone. If radiotherapy is given before operation, the tumor and metastatic lymph nodes will shrink, and the cancer cells will degenerate or even disappear.

matters needing attention

If possible, stew more broth. Eggs, fish, shrimps, all kinds of meat, pig liver and other foods with high protein content are good nutrients. They can also be supplemented with milk powder, milk, soybean milk, etc. vegetables help to supplement vitamins.