How does child amblyopia glasses cover?

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One day, several of us got together and suddenly talked about the topic of myopia. I heard my friend say that her child had amblyopia recently. She was about 8 years old. I was very curious at that time. How could such small eyes be like this. It's not hereditary! It's strange, but I don't know what to do and how to deal with it. No one knows. I can only suggest that she go to the hospital for examination and treatment. How can children's amblyopia glasses be covered? Now let me tell you something.

How does child amblyopia glasses cover?

First of all, in view of the above problems, how can amblyopia children use masking therapy? What I want to say is that amblyopia is characterized by no organic lesions inside and outside the eyes, and the corrected vision can not reach the normal level. Many times, it can be corrected by wearing eyes and other methods, so that the child will not say that it is more and more serious, so parents should pay more attention to it.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to cover the healthy eyes for a long time, because after covering the healthy eyes for a long time, amblyopia will also occur. So in this aspect, we must learn how to deal with these problems properly, and urge children to correct their eyesight in life. The consequences will be better. If we ignore them, our eyes will be more ugly when they grow up.

Cover treatment, the child has been wearing corrective glasses eyes, with a black cloth blinder, the health of the eye will be covered, so that the amblyopia of the eye to see things, so that can exercise the amblyopia of the eye vision, covering the eyes of the time to see the patient's condition. It is to cover commonly 5 days put two days can.

matters needing attention

Parents need to pay attention to is, once found that children with amblyopia, then immediately to treatment, in clinical amblyopia the earlier the disease treatment will be better, especially in two years old, is the treatment of amblyopia disease a dividing point, two years old treatment of amblyopia is better, more than ten years old, the situation effect is not very good.