Chlamydia infection symptoms?

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My colleague's child is 8 years old. He just entered the first grade of primary school. A few days ago, he caught a cold and coughed all the time. He didn't have any phlegm, but he just coughed. He wanted to take some medicine at home. But he had a fever. His temperature was 38 degrees. My colleague was in a hurry. Because he was busy, he went to the township health center to hang up the needle for three days. But he still didn't get well, so he had to go to a big hospital. The doctor said it was chlamydia pneumonia, If you go to the treatment earlier, the effect may be better. What is the difference between Chlamydia pneumonia and common cold? How should parents be distinguished at home? Let's talk about it.

Chlamydia infection symptoms?

Chlamydia is a kind of bacteria, after invading the human body, it may cause genital tract inflammation, chlamydia pneumonia and so on. Generally speaking, chlamydia pneumonia is more common in children aged 8-10. When children cough, have cold symptoms, and hanging needles has little effect, parents can consider whether they have chlamydia pneumonia.

The symptoms of Chlamydia pneumonia are very similar to those of common cold. They all have cough, runny nose and fever. But different from common cold, after Chlamydia infection, expectoration is generally less, mainly dry cough. In addition to the general symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, muscle soreness may also occur.

Although the cough of Chlamydia pneumonia is a little different from the common cold, viral pneumonia and other interstitial pneumonia are mainly dry cough. Therefore, it is far from enough to make a diagnosis of Chlamydia infection by cough. Chlamydia cultivation and film shooting are needed.

matters needing attention

Chlamydia infection is more common in school-age children, cough is mainly dry cough, a small amount of sputum or no, other and cold is very similar, parents should carefully observe the child's symptoms in all aspects, timely like the doctor, accept the correct treatment, in order to recover as soon as possible.