What fruit does tonsil inflammation eat best

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For a long time, people usually pay close attention to the inflammatory problems in their own body, and the symptoms of tonsillitis, in addition to active treatment, we should pay more attention to the diet. The following article introduces the food suitable for tonsillitis.

What fruit does tonsil inflammation eat best

Pears. If you have a sore throat or fever, you can eat some pears. Pears have a good effect in reducing fever, moistening the throat, relieving pain and thirst. When appropriate, they can reduce the symptoms of the disease. Pear juice also has the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough. People with cold body can use heated pear juice.

Citrofortunella microcarpa Wijnands. You can eat kumquat when you find abnormal feeling in your throat, because kumquat is alkaline compared with other fruits, and it has a light sweet taste. Many people often take it with skin. This effect is very good. In addition, kumquat skin is rich in nutrition, and it also has the effect of eliminating throat inflammation and pain.

Sour plum and green fruit soup: sour plum 6 grams, green fruit (olive) 25 grams, sugar amount. Soak sour plum and green fruit in casserole for half a day, then decoct, add sugar to taste.

matters needing attention

People with tonsillitis must choose foods that can alleviate the disease at ordinary times. On the contraindications of diet, they should avoid spicy and greasy food.