Can iodine deficiency cause psoriasis

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A child downstairs could see his grandmother eating in Wansheng every day and taking him downstairs to play. Recently, I haven't seen him for several days. It was only recently that I realized that the child was suffering from psoriasis and went for treatment. Let me talk about whether iodine deficiency in the body can cause psoriasis.

Can iodine deficiency cause psoriasis

Reason 1: the number of psoriasis caused by damp and cold invasion is more, because the living environment is humid, cold weather can make the disease occur or aggravate, so patients should try to avoid cold and heat to stimulate the skin, and the living room should be kept ventilated and dry.

Reason 2: prevention of local infection is an important cause of psoriasis, especially after a cold, complicated with tonsillitis, tracheitis, need active treatment, try to shorten the course of disease, tonsillitis repeatedly, and psoriasis attacks are closely related.

The third reason is that excessive mental tension leads to emotional instability, worry and anger, and can not reasonably adjust and maintain the skin or long-term diet, irregular overeating, more fishy food, excessive drinking and tea, and external causes of cold, fever, tonsil inflammation, and low immune function.

matters needing attention

Psoriasis treatment is very difficult, because this condition is easy to recur, will lead to severe itching, patients have a lot of scales fall, this condition needs long-term drug treatment, so adhere to the treatment is very important, long time adhere to the treatment, will have effect, so the treatment of psoriasis patients, must have perseverance.