What fruit does menstrual period eat to lose weight

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I usually do not have the opportunity to exercise, my stomach is very meat, a holiday period to feel the stomach is bigger, may be because of this reason, I always want to lose weight, recently I am trying to actively lose weight, menstrual period to eat what fruit to lose weight, now I'll tell you some ways to lose weight!

What fruit does menstrual period eat to lose weight

First of all, if you want to lose weight, don't trust anything like taking medicine. It's better not to eat cold fruits during the holidays, which is easy to cause abdominal pain. Most fruits are cold. It's better to heat them a little, and they don't need to be very hot. You can eat more apples, kiwifruit and oranges, but don't eat mango during this period, because mango has hemostatic effect and is not good for the uterus .

Secondly, it's good to drink a cup of warm water in bed every morning. It can not only warm the stomach, but also a secret of fast weight loss. In the morning, a cup of warm water can make the retention in the body discharge smoothly, and prevent the retention from accumulating too much under the fat cortex, resulting in abdominal distension. So every morning a cup of warm water, not only conducive to health, but also conducive to weight loss, at the same time, the cost of weight loss is relatively low.

Finally, if you want to lose weight, you can't diet blindly. Everyone's constitution is different, and the influence of food on different constitutions is not unified. Therefore, friends who want to lose weight according to their own physical conditions, with weight loss food suitable for their own physique. To lose weight from the inside out, improve their own physique. For example, people with cold constitution should not eat too cold food, because it will further reduce their body temperature, cause metabolic imbalance, and then they will not be able to consume more calories, and the wastes and toxins in the body will not be completely discharged, so the obesity prone constitution will be more serious.

matters needing attention

Weight loss is not a blind diet, but a choice in the type of food, coupled with a certain amount of exercise can lose weight, fat food digestion, eating can reduce the intake of starch food and snacks, will play a positive role in weight loss. Therefore, the intake of the right amount of fat will not affect the body shape, but also good for fitness. In the diet, you can choose beef, rabbit, poultry and other low-fat meat, stir fry as little oil as possible, at night you can choose to eat some cold dishes to reduce fat intake.