Symptoms of cerebral vascular rupture

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Cerebrovascular health can be said to be related to the safety of everyone's life. Cerebrovascular disease has become a disease with high mortality and disability rate in China. According to statistics, one person dies of cerebrovascular disease every 21 seconds in China! Among all stroke patients in China, nearly 50% were 40-64 years old; Among the high-risk population of stroke, the population aged 40-64 accounted for more than 60%. This shows that the trend of stroke in middle age is obvious. Let's talk about the symptoms of cerebral vascular rupture.

Symptoms of cerebral vascular rupture

1. Vertigo this serious dizziness often occurs suddenly, to see the outside world things have to turn dynamic, shaking dynamic. Depending on the individual's condition, the duration of symptoms may vary. Some people have nausea or tinnitus.

2. In a short period of time, language difficulties and physical fatigue often occur suddenly. In a short period of time, ten or twenty seconds can pass. In a long period of time, more than ten minutes or even several hours can return to normal. After recovery, the patient did not leave any sequelae. Remember, this is the precursor of cerebral ischemia.

3. Sudden severe headache, if patients with hypertension, sudden severe headache, dizziness, accompanied by vomiting, to highly suspect cerebrovascular disease. Blood pressure should be measured immediately at this time. Even if this phenomenon disappears automatically in a short time, we should be vigilant. If this phenomenon occurs repeatedly, patients may have irreversible intracerebral hemorrhage.

matters needing attention

Usually also pay attention to rest and sleep time. Appropriate also to exercise, then you can expand blood vessels, reduce water pressure, but also can reduce weight, do not drink, do not stay in high temperature for a long time.