How to treat human papilloma

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After human papilloma infection, there will be the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum that people often say, and the treatment is very troublesome and easy to relapse, so how do we deal with condyloma acuminatum after we get it? Here is about the common treatment of condyloma acuminatum. Hope that patients with this disease can be treated as soon as possible to get rid of the pain.

How to treat human papilloma

First: drug treatment is mainly antiviral drug treatment, need to adhere to a period of time, there are some hormone ingredients ointment for smear treatment.

Second: surgical treatment is more serious for patients with condyloma acuminatum warts larger or malignant tendency to choose treatment as soon as possible.

Third: diet attention not to eat spicy food, such as chili peppers and other spicy seafood meat are not desirable.

matters needing attention

1. Do not have sex during treatment. 2. The diet should be light. 3. Insist on treatment to prevent recurrence.