What is the reason of crus soreness?

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Recently, my leg often appeared soreness, it is very uncomfortable, for this reason, I went to the hospital to see the leg, after that, I know the cause of soreness, below, I tell you the reason.

What is the reason of crus soreness?

First, leg soreness may be due to lung heat injury caused by body fluid: lung main fur, hair, up and down. Warm evil on, the first attack lung, lung hot leaf coke, lack of body fluid, Qi and blood disorders, limb five body dystrophy and become flaccid. The main symptoms were soreness and weakness of legs, muscle atrophy and limb deformation.

Second, leg soreness may be caused by dampness and heat immersion: dampness and heat damage the spleen and stomach, unable to transport, dampness from the endogenous, immersed in the veins, the road is not good, affect the operation of Qi and blood and Rong Yang, resulting in muscle flaccidity. The symptoms were paresthesia of limbs, soreness of legs, sagging hands and feet, unable to be appointed.

Third, leg soreness may be caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach: the acquired origin of the spleen and stomach, the source of Qi and blood biochemistry, the main transport of water and valley, blood, muscle, limbs. Deficiency of spleen and stomach, impotence of transportation and transformation, insufficient source of Qi and blood, and muscular dystrophy lead to flaccidity. The clinical manifestations are as follows: weak limbs, withered and thin muscles, accompanied by mental fatigue, weak legs, little food, loose stools, and thin complexion.

matters needing attention

If your body appears to be soreness, you can take some Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction, Buzhong Yiqi pill and Huangqi granule, which can effectively improve the soreness of your legs.