How much is painless abortion cost

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My brother had just got married, but my sister-in-law was found to be pregnant. After discussion, they felt that they did not have enough ability to afford all kinds of expenses for a child, so they decided not to have the child. Let's talk about the cost of painless abortion.

How much is painless abortion cost

First: as for the cost of abortion, it's not a fixed number. Generally, the cost of abortion ranges from 500 to 600 yuan. The main cost of abortion includes: preoperative examination fee, operation fee, postoperative anti-inflammatory fee, etc. The cost of pre-operative examination and post-operative anti-inflammatory treatment is generally determined by the physical condition of women, which varies from person to person. The cost of operation is related to the level of hospital and the technical experience of doctors.

Second: the choice of abortion surgeons, choose a professional painless abortion surgeons with rich clinical experience, this is also very important, this is also the most influential factor of abortion price list. Some inexperienced doctors are prone to improper operation, resulting in complications such as uterine perforation. Because the patient has been anesthetized, he can't feel pain. It's not easy for the surgeon to find out, which can cause massive bleeding and even life-threatening.

Third: the cost of painless induced abortion is the most important item in the total price of normal induced abortion, and it is also one of the factors that affect the price list of induced abortion. Different technologies, different surgeons, different operating rooms, and even different surgical consumables will affect the price list of induced abortion, and all these differences can be reflected in the safety of induced abortion.

matters needing attention

The cost of painless abortion does not have a certain number, because it is affected by many factors, but it should not cost so much, but if you want to decide to do abortion, you must understand some aspects and choose a regular medical institution.