What does wrapping appendicitis eat

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If the midgut does not rotate or does not rotate completely, the cecum and appendix are located in the left lower abdomen in situ or in a certain position on the way to transposition, which is the formation of ectopic appendix. So what does wrapping appendicitis eat? What can't be eaten? Now let's take a look.

What does wrapping appendicitis eat

First of all, vegetables: eat flat vegetables, such as cauliflower, celery, yam, carrot, black fungus, cabbage, cabbage, shepherd's purse, etc.

Secondly, don't eat hot food, such as spicy food, sour food, fried food, beef and mutton.

Finally, do not eat flatulent food, such as beans, potatoes, milk, yogurt and so on.

matters needing attention

Don't rush after meals. Don't drink too much cold in midsummer. Especially don't drink ice beer and other cold drinks. Don't be too fat in your diet.