Is it normal that you haven't come here for four months after the abortion

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I'm pregnant because I want to have a passion with my husband in the safe period. But I didn't expect to have an unexpected pregnancy. Now my family is not very good and I can't afford to raise a child. I can only do abortion. After treatment, I'm basically recovering. Now I'd like to share with you the question of whether it's normal to have nothing to do after four months of abortion.

Is it normal that you haven't come here for four months after the abortion

First: after a week can not take a bath, if necessary, try to use warm water to wipe the body. After a week of abortion, you can take a bath, but remember not to take a bath. Because after abortion, the mucous membrane of uterus and vagina is damaged, and the ability of defense against external bacteria is greatly reduced. Therefore, to avoid all the possibility of retrograde infection.

Second: after the abortion operation, there will be secretion outflow. You should wash it with warm water 1-2 times a day, frequently change the menstrual pad and straw paper, and keep clean to avoid infection. But you can't take a sitz bath within two weeks or in case of blood outflow to avoid infection. You can take a shower if you want to.

Third: should eat eggs, milk, ribs, chicken, fish and other nutritious easy to digest diet, avoid stimulating food, such as pepper, ginger, raw garlic, strong tea and coffee; avoid eating hot food; do not use cold water to wash your hair, bath, wash hands and laundry and vegetables, otherwise cold water stimulation can induce arthritis, leaving cold parts of joints, muscle pain problems.

matters needing attention

Here I would like to give you warm tips: after abortion surgery, women are weak and prone to sweating, and a lot of water-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B, will be discharged from the sweat, so we must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can not only ensure the supply of vitamins, but also prevent constipation. In addition, should also pay attention to add more water, can be a small amount of drinking water for many times.