Can vaginal bleeding be induced abortion

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Now there are 46 days of pregnancy, can be found from pregnancy to now are 10 days, but they do not have any early pregnancy reaction, nor nausea and fatigue and so on, is afraid of cold, to check the gestational sac is not healthy, yesterday to do the abortion operation, in order to prevent this situation, I will introduce to you vaginal bleeding can abortion.

Can vaginal bleeding be induced abortion

First: Generally speaking, girls under the age of 20 (especially those aged 16-18) are not yet fully mature. If they have an abortion at this time, it will do great harm to their health. In the future, they are more likely to suffer from many gynecological diseases than normal women. Pregnancy random abortion is not only high risk, but also may have serious sequelae.

Second, abortion also brings about a serious hidden psychological disease. According to the research of American scientists, the proportion of women with abortion suffering from depression is three times higher than that without abortion. The suicide rate of women with abortions is five times higher than that of women without abortions. The most surprising thing is that studies have shown that women who have had an abortion are three times more likely to die accidentally (in car accidents, being killed, etc.) than women who have not.

Third: painless abortion is a certain risk, the specific risk is as follows: uterine perforation: the greater the number of weeks of pregnancy, the higher the risk probability; the more abortion, the greater the chance of perforation. Others, such as abnormal uterine position, shape, or previous operation (such as caesarean section or myomectomy), have a greater chance of perforation.

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