What are the symptoms of HPV infection in men

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We do have a lot of diseases, which are very embarrassing. My friend suspected her husband of HPV virus, but in addition to going to the hospital for examination, she wanted to make sure whether the symptoms were consistent in advance. After all, it's hard to talk about this disease. Now let's popularize the science of male HPV infection symptoms.

What are the symptoms of HPV infection in men

First, sexually transmitted diseases are caused by HPV infection. There are more than 80 kinds of HPV, which are divided into low-risk and high-risk types. The virus is mainly transmitted by sex, followed by infant sexually transmitted diseases or laryngeal papillomatosis and children's sexually transmitted diseases. The fetus may be infected by HPV infected birth canal or close contact with mother after birth. In addition, a small number of daily necessities such as underwear, bathtub, bath towel infection. This route of transmission is extremely rare, only with patients with sexually transmitted diseases living together, sharing baths can occur.

Second: direct contact refers to the way of sexual transmission, especially some promiscuous men and women, which is also the main cause of the disease. It is mainly seen in men and women who have frequent sex life, because in the process of sexual intercourse, the virus will directly enter through the damaged external skin or skin mucous membrane, and breed rapidly. After 3-8 weeks or several months of incubation period, the virus will spread in the genital tract There may be vegetations in this area. Those who do not have the disease are called recessive infection. According to statistics, about 2 / 3 of the people who have sexual contact with condyloma acuminatum may have this disease.

Third: suffering from Condyloma Acuminatum best to understand the cause, condyloma acuminatum is mainly with HVP virus, seafood also try not to eat, mainly light. If the family has Condyloma Acuminatum Patients should pay attention to disinfection and isolation, even if there are no obvious symptoms, other family members should also go to the regular hospital for examination.

matters needing attention

Generally, the symptoms of men infected with HPV virus will present different symptoms according to different people's different constitutions, and the situation of each person is also different. We should go to the hospital for regular examination, don't blindly take medicine, and don't delay the illness because of shyness, and there may be infection.