What reason is renal cancer caused

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Since kidney cancer, the whole person has lost a lot of weight, and the body immunity has also decreased a lot. It's very distressing to take either an injection or medicine in the hospital every day. Accompanied by my family, I didn't give up treatment. Now let me tell you what causes kidney cancer.

What reason is renal cancer caused

First: smoking: a large number of data show that smoking is the main cause of renal cancer. The relative risk of renal cancer among smokers is very high, and the risk of renal cancer among smokers who have smoked for more than 30 years and smoked non filter cigarettes is increasing year by year. Obesity and high blood pressure: high body mass index and high blood pressure are two significant factors in male renal cancer.

Second: Occupation: it has been reported that the risk of renal cancer and death increases among workers in metal shop, newspaper printing, coke, dry cleaning and petrochemical industry. Occupational disease is a common cause of renal cancer. Radiation: This is a factor worth considering in the cause of renal cancer.

Third: heredity: there are some renal cancer in the family, which are found during chromosome examination. A third pair of chromosomes is defective in people with a high incidence of renal cancer.

matters needing attention

If there is renal cancer, patients should pay attention to choose a regular hospital for treatment. If the situation is particularly serious, only conservative treatment can be carried out. Don't blindly believe some worthless advertisements, which not only can't cure the disease, but also delay the treatment of patients.