How do people with lung cancer eat

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Smoking is the main reason for the rising incidence of lung cancer in women in recent years. A report shows that the risk of lung cancer in women is 1.5 times higher than that in men. There is an enzyme called cyipl in the body of adult women, which can activate the carcinogens in cigarettes, thus planting seeds harmful to health. How to eat for people with lung cancer? Do you want to discuss it together? Now let's share how people with lung cancer eat.

How do people with lung cancer eat

First, strengthen respiratory care, prevention and treatment of respiratory insufficiency, remove respiratory secretions, maintain gas patency is the focus of postoperative care. For the patients with severe pulmonary infection, large amount of respiratory secretions, weak expectoration and respiratory insufficiency, they often need a long time of repeated oxygen inhalation and may use ventilator at any time. At this time, tracheotomy is the most convenient and safe way. After lung cancer surgery, there will be a lot of dirty things in the respiratory tract, which must be removed in time.

Second: the diet starts from the simplest liquid. If there is no adverse reaction in the gastrointestinal tract, it will transit to semi liquid food and general food. It's normal after 3-4 days. In the week after operation, the patients with poor physique should not only eat full flow and half flow diet, but also supplement amino, albumin, fat emulsion, etc. to supplement nutrition in the body. Stop when you can eat normally. After lung cancer surgery, in the diet must be more careful, had better eat liquid food.

Third: reasonable body position, appropriate activities and exercise. For the patients with lung cancer after pneumonectomy, the points for attention in postoperative nursing of lung cancer patients should be in an upright functional position to promote the recovery of normal posture. Should not squat solution, so as not to cause postural hypotension. Before the exercise, appropriate analgesics should be given and sputum should be coughed up. The amount of exercise should not cause pain and fatigue. In patients can participate in some physical exercise, can also participate in some outdoor activities, but can't do strenuous exercise.

matters needing attention

Take 60 grams of purple grass root, 10 grams of artificial bezoar, 60 grams of Aesculus, 30 grams of Peucedanum and 10 grams of Houttuynia. The extract was made from the roots of Zicao, Hedysarum aestivum, Houttuynia cordata and Peucedanum praeruptorum. After drying, the extract was crushed, and the artificial calculus bovis was added. 15 grams each time, 3 times a day. Efficacy: it can clear away heat and toxin.