How to treat condyloma acuminatum in the early stage

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Condyloma acuminatum disease in our life has become very common, more and more people suffer from this disease, when condyloma acuminatum disease occurs, not only affect the health of the patient's life, but also affect the life of others, so some patients put forward how to treat condyloma acuminatum in the early stage, today to share this problem with you.

How to treat condyloma acuminatum in the early stage

First: many people think that as long as the wart is removed, it means that the disease is cured, which is wrong. In general, condyloma acuminatum in 6 months without recurrence is really cured.

Second: many patients with condyloma acuminatum think that removing the wart will cure the disease, but no, and the real cure is to completely remove the HPV virus in the body, but removing the wart does not cure the disease.

Third: from the removal of wart damage to wound healing, if the super condyloma acuminatum does not recur for more than half a year, and the differential examination is negative, it shows that condyloma acuminatum has been really cured.

matters needing attention

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