Do you have pelvic inflammatory symptoms

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I am 24 years old and have been suffering from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease for several years. Recently, both sides of the pelvic cavity seem to be pulled by something. The doctor said that it might be adhesion, and his family let him be hospitalized. Now his condition is temporarily stable. Let me learn about the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease with you today.

Do you have pelvic inflammatory symptoms

Symptom 1: symptoms of systemic pelvic inflammatory disease: not obvious, sometimes only low fever, easy to feel tired. Due to the longer course of disease, some patients may have neurasthenia symptoms, such as mental depression, general discomfort, insomnia and so on. When patients with poor resistance, prone to acute or subacute attack.

Symptom 2: clinical manifestations often have abdominal pain, lumbar acid, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea and other characteristics. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, women are based on blood and use it. Qi and blood flow smoothly through the whole body, harmonizing the five zang organs, sprinkling the Chen and six Fu organs, making the function of the Zang and Fu organs complete, Chongren tongtiao, there is no gynecological disease.

Symptoms 3: endometritis, uterus enlargement, tenderness; salpingitis in one side or both sides of the uterus touch, cord like, thickening fallopian tube, and mild tenderness; Hydrosalpinx or ovarian cyst of fallopian tube can touch cystic mass on one or both sides of the pelvic cavity, most of them are limited in activity, pelvic connective tissue inflammation, uterus often shows backward flexion, limited in activity or adhesion and fixation, one or both sides of uterus have sheet thickening and tenderness, uterosacral ligament often thickens and has tenderness.

matters needing attention

In daily life, we should pay attention to strengthen personal hygiene. Especially during menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth and after abortion. Usually also frequently change and wash underwear, disinfect with boiling water, avoid overwork and fatigue.