Biochemical fetal arrest symptoms?

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Fetal growth arrest during pregnancy will have a great impact on women's physical and mental health, especially in about five months of pregnancy. If fetal growth arrest occurs, there are many causes. It may be caused by abnormal development of fertilized eggs, and the embryo itself has some diseases, May cause fetal growth and stop the phenomenon of development, the best should be reasonable treatment, can control the disease through the method of induced labor, to avoid infertility. Biochemical fetal arrest symptoms? I'd like to share my views with you.

Biochemical fetal arrest symptoms?

1. Women in five months of pregnancy appear the phenomenon of fetal arrest, the symptoms are not very obvious, many women will feel the fetus appeared, fetal movement significantly weakened, or the phenomenon of fetal movement stopped, should be checked in time, can be judged by the method of B ultrasonic examination.

2. Now about five months of pregnancy, if there is a phenomenon of fetal stop development, it may be due to the symptoms of fetal stop development caused by insufficient hormone secretion. If there is intrauterine viral infection, it may lead to the phenomenon of fetal stop development. The symptoms are more obvious, it will cause the phenomenon of fetal stop.

3. It is very obvious that the fetus stops developing in the fifth month of pregnancy. Some patients will lead to the phenomenon of fetal heart beat, some women may cause the symptoms of breast shrinkage, and may also lead to the phenomenon that women's parents no longer continue to increase. Reasonable treatment is better.

matters needing attention

Women usually should have a good self-care measures, if there is a phenomenon of fetal growth stopped, may be spontaneous abortion, should also be timely to the hospital, through curettage method for treatment, to prevent other complications.