What to eat to get herpes like pemphigus good?

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What to eat to get herpes like pemphigus good? Herpes like pemphigus patients should be vegetable based, eat more high fiber food, and eat more watermelon, orange, the best, every day with lemon water to drink, lemon juice can also be used to wipe long rash place. Avoid fried, spicy and hair products, all fish and aquatic products, mutton, chicken, beef, cucumber, leek, coriander, Toona sinensis and other hair products that cause herpes like pemphigus.

What to eat to get herpes like pemphigus good?

High protein, high calorie, high vitamin and low salt diet should be given. Attention should be paid to the balance of water and electrolyte. Should eat more animal protein, such as lean meat, muscle, fish, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes, yams, water chestnuts, lotus root powder, arrowhead, tomatoes, carrots and so on, pay attention to the diet with a lot of vitamins and trace elements.

Patients with herpes like pemphigus should not eat spicy and warm food such as wine, tobacco, ginger, pepper, mutton, beef and fried food. It is easy to help fire and heat after eating. Milk and sweet diet, usually with greasy, fat and sweet nature, simply form the disease of damp heat toxin, and then cause the condition of herpes like pemphigus, add the difficulty of treatment. According to traditional Chinese medicine, herpetic pemphigus is caused by the accumulation of dampness, heat and toxin in the skin. Therefore, patients with herpetic pemphigus should avoid the spicy food mentioned above. Be careful to eat sour astringent products: sour astringent products include pea, Euryale ferox, pomegranate, taro, spinach, etc.

Herpetic pemphigus has a great impact on patients. Patients may have ring-shaped erythema on their limbs, or go to see the parts, which may lead to symptoms of erythema. Some patients may also cause deciduous pemphigus, and may also lead to erythema blisters. The phenomenon of herpes, should be timely conditioning, can go to the regular hospital through the use of antiviral drugs for treatment, you can also choose the method of local application ointment to alleviate the disease, during the treatment of disease should pay more attention to rest, had better eat some fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that herpetic pemphigus is mainly caused by emotional disturbance, stagnation of liver qi, long depression and fire, and re infection of toxin and evil. Therefore, the treatment should focus on promoting Qi, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If you eat too much sour and astringent food, such as pea, pomegranate, taro and spinach, it will lead to the evil poison and aggravation of pain.