Is hot compress mammary gland hyperplasia nodule good

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I had hyperplasia of mammary glands, and my breasts always had the feeling of swelling and pain. Especially when I came to menstruation, this kind of pain was more serious. After enduring for a period of time, it seemed that the situation was not right, and the menstruation was not normal. The whole person's temper changed, and he became very angry and impatient. Then he went to the hospital for examination, and finally found that he had breast cancer Glandular hyperplasia. The doctor also gave me a lot of suggestions, saying that hot compress also has an effect on breast hyperplasia. Let me share with you.

Is hot compress mammary gland hyperplasia nodule good

First: hot compress breast hyperplasia nodules or have a certain effect, for patients with breast hyperplasia, first of all, it is recommended to go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, because for everyone's situation, the severity of the disease, the need for treatment methods will also be different, and then in such a regular treatment premise, you can try hot compress auxiliary treatment, so as to be more safe .

Second: the hot compress method is very simple, that is to use a hot towel in the breast for external application, about half an hour each time, which can effectively reduce the swelling and pain of the breast, at the same time can also take the way of massage, so the effect will be better, for patients whose symptoms are not particularly serious, as long as follow-up observation, do not need special treatment, but the symptoms are serious Patients have to be treated.

Third: in addition to the use of hot compress method, patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands should also adjust their life style, life should be regular, pay more attention to rest, keep enough sleep, every day should keep a good mood, avoid mental tension, should learn to adjust, eliminate this kind of bad psychological factors, adjust their own endocrine, this is conducive to the recovery of the body.

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Warm tips: for female friends, we advocate once a year for breast cancer screening, which can effectively prevent, for patients with breast hyperplasia to timely treatment, at the same time can take hot compress method to reduce symptoms.