Is vomiting burping?

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"Belching" has two manifestations of "belching" and "belching", which are called "heating" and "hiccup" in medicine. Heating, called EEE gas in ancient times, is the sound of gas flowing from the stomach up the throat. After satiation, occasional heating is not a disease. Hiccup is a kind of uncontrollable impact sound caused by stomach qi ascending and diaphragmatic spasm. Let's share my experience with you.

Is vomiting burping?

Daily burping, voice is not high or low, there is no other discomfort, mostly because of rapid swallowing, not morbid. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hiccups are high, short and powerful, and most of them are real heat; Er, the voice is low, the Qi is weak, and most of them are cold. Burping after a long illness is a serious symptom of Stomach Qi failure.

If after satiety, burping caused by stagnant food in the intestines and stomach, can have sour taste, the sound is louder; If it is caused by disharmony of Stomach Qi or weakness of stomach qi, it has no sour taste and low voice; If it is caused by emotional changes, the voice is loud, frequent attacks, belch after abdominal comfort, belongs to the liver Qi invading the stomach, often with emotional changes and reduce or aggravate.

In addition to the disease of the stomach itself, excessive mental stimulation and fatigue interfere with nerve function activities, resulting in autonomic nerve dysfunction, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction, and nerve hiccups, such as drinking drinks at meals, taking aspirin and other drugs for headache, drinking hot coffee or tea, eating too fast, eating and speaking, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish, find the cause, and then symptomatic treatment.

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Stubborn hiccups, which are difficult to treat, are very annoying and troublesome. They not only affect eating, but also affect people's sleep and mental health, which leads to a chain reaction and further affects their stomach health. Here are some methods to effectively eliminate the symptoms of hiccups.