What is angioleiomyoma called again

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After suffering from angioleiomyoma, there is often obvious pain in the affected area. The following article will explain the name of angioleiomyoma.

What is angioleiomyoma called again

First of all, angioleiomyoma is a subcutaneous or deep dermal benign tumor, which often has pain. The mature leiomyoma bundles in the tumor are located around the blood vessels or interspersed between the blood vessels.

In cavernous angioleiomyoma, the lumen can be enlarged, the smooth muscle of the vascular wall is arranged in an irregular bundle, with long nucleus, blunt round at both ends, vacuoles in the cytoplasm, no cell atypia, leiomyoma: unclear boundary, lack of vascular cavity, smooth muscle does not fuse with the wall.

Finally, suffering from angioleiomyoma, there is no better drug can be treated, the more effective is surgery, surgical treatment can quickly treat angioleiomyoma, and can prevent the recurrence of angioleiomyoma.

matters needing attention

Angioleiomyoma is mainly affected by the lower limbs, so during the illness, try not to do some strenuous exercise, usually do not appear heavy physical labor, you can massage the legs properly to promote blood circulation.