What reason is beriberi toe swollen

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Beriberi is a very stubborn and highly infectious skin disease. In modern society, many people suffer from beriberi, especially in summer. Beriberi is more serious and itchy. Most of the beriberi is caused by fungal infection, and beriberi is embarrassing. Many people don't want to cure beriberiberi. This is a wrong idea. If they suffer from beriberi, it is necessary to treat them If you are angry, you must be treated in time. What are the root causes of beriberi? Let's talk about it now.

What reason is beriberi toe swollen

First: tinea pedis, commonly known as beriberi, is mostly caused by fungal infection. It is mainly caused by infection of one foot first, and it will not be transmitted to the other foot until quite a long time later. Its basically is toe and sole appear blister, by small and big, pruritus is intolerable.

Second: beriberi is contagious, and beriberi is usually caused by fungus caused foot disease. The incidence rate of beriberi in our country is very high, because there is no sebaceous glands between the feet, and the local humidity and temperature are very conducive to the growth of fungi, so it leads to the occurrence of beriberi.

Third: for the treatment of beriberi, most of them are smeared with external plaster, but we should pay attention not to use more irritating drugs, you can first use 10% salicylic acid ointment or compound benzoic acid ointment to soften the cutin, and then use antifungal drugs. At the same time, we must insist on medication.

matters needing attention

Beriberi is a kind of disease that many men often have in modern society, and the cause of beriberi is very big. Most of them are caused by not loving hygiene and not paying attention to the living habits. Therefore, we should wash our feet frequently, pay attention to the frequent drying of shoes and socks, love hygiene and pay attention to the details of life.