Nursing care after phimosis operation

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I have a long prepuce. I want to cut it off. In this way, the quality of life will be better in the future. Today, let me talk about the experience after phimosis surgery.

Nursing care after phimosis operation

First: first of all, after the phimosis surgery, we should pay attention to bed rest for 3 to 4 days, and avoid standing or sitting for a long time. Some young people are embarrassed to ask for leave after operation, and still insist on working. Due to the local blood circulation is not smooth, it directly leads to the glans swelling into purple eggplant shape, affecting the wound healing.

Second: in the three to four days after the operation, if there is a slight edema of the glans, don't worry too much, this is a normal phenomenon, because it is the body reaction caused by anesthesia "medicine" and operation, pay attention to the swelling is pink at this time.

Third: three to four days after penile surgery, before going to bed to listen to the doctor's advice to take sedatives, so as to effectively prevent penile erection induced pain and even bleeding. Young people should pay more attention to the fact that the nerve endings of penile glans are very sensitive and easy to erect once exposed. Therefore, they should avoid watching pornographic books and TV. Lovers should temporarily avoid hugging and kissing to avoid sexual stimulation.

matters needing attention

Foreskin phimosis is very harmful to the human body, because foreskin phimosis is very easy to cause bacteria to stay in the foreskin, causing infection, urination and even tumor in patients, so we must treat foreskin phimosis as soon as possible.