What symptom is darling eating

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New parents are always worried that their baby is not full. As soon as I hear the baby crying, I think the baby is hungry, and I worry that the baby will be broken if I eat more. What's the symptom of 20 day baby eating too much? Let me talk about it.

What symptom is darling eating

First: before breast-feeding, the mother's breast has a sense of fullness, breast surface veins exposed, with hands on the breast, it is easy to squeeze out milk. After the baby finished breast milk, the mother will feel the breast has been empty, breast soft, slightly drooping.

Second: when the baby is breastfeeding, it will make a rhythmic sucking sound, with an average of 2-3 times of sucking, it can hear the sound of Gudong swallowing.

Third: if the mother's breast milk is sufficient, the baby will let go of the nipple after sucking for 10-30 minutes. After eating, the baby will have a sense of satisfaction, some babies will smile at their mother, or stop crying, babbling, enjoying themselves, when others tease him, he will grin. Some babies will immediately fall asleep after feeding milk, and do not wake up for 2 to 3 hours. They will also show a happy spirit after waking up, which indicates that the baby has been full.

matters needing attention

In daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep optimistic mood, pay attention not to fatigue, pay attention to the recovery of the body, in addition, if there are any symptoms should go to the hospital for examination, and corresponding treatment, these are to actively do.