How does lumbago body slant treat

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The so-called low back pain refers to the pain on one side or both sides of our waist. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that low back pain is due to the deficiency of kidney yang in the body, which leads to the stagnation of meridians in the body, so the situation of blocked meridians appears. There are many methods for the treatment of low back pain, which are commonly divided into traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. In fact, you don't have to go to the hospital for treatment. You can easily change the symptoms of low back pain by paying attention to some details of life in your daily life. How to treat lumbago body askew tell everybody.

How does lumbago body slant treat

First: it is unnecessary to go to the hospital for retrograde treatment of low back pain. If the situation is not very serious, you can try to walk backward, and it is better to keep the knee part from bending, and the arm can swing back and forth freely. Every time you can walk about 200 steps, two or three times a day, half a month later, you can effectively alleviate low back pain.

Second: massage acupoints. Use our thumb or index finger to massage the acupoints at the waist. The common positions are behind the thighs and calf. Medial malleolus and so on. Each acupoint massage time should be controlled in a minute or so, when you feel numbness, you can change a position. Massage in accordance with the time of three meals every day can effectively relieve lumbago.

Third: Rooster food therapy for low back pain must not forget this, choose the rooster just began to crow, after slaughtering clean rice vinegar can be boiled together, in the pot before adding a small amount of brown sugar. Eat one chicken a day, and take it according to three meals, six days as a course of treatment. This method can effectively treat low back pain, but patients with more gastric acid can not take it.

matters needing attention

There are many folk prescriptions for the treatment of low back pain, many of which have been widely spread among the people. First of all, women should wear less high-heeled shoes, massage the waist more when they have time, and pay attention to keep warm. They can also slow down the passage by some food materials for the treatment of low back pain, so as to get rid of the root of the disease.