How is nocturnal enuresis to return a responsibility

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Adult nocturnal enuresis and infantile enuresis are different, adult enuresis is unable to control their own urinary system, often inadvertently enuresis. This is related to many factors, such as psychological factors, urinary organs, or renal function problems. If there is no discomfort in all parts of the body, consider whether it is psychological factors, psychology will affect people's behavior, daytime anxiety, irritability, mood depression, will be reflected in the sleep at night, so nocturnal enuresis is also a situation, such as long time does not improve, it is recommended to see a doctor. Let's talk about how nocturnal enuresis is going on.

How is nocturnal enuresis to return a responsibility

First: first of all, we need to eliminate the problems of urinary system, such as congenital leakage of urine, genital infection, etc. we can go to the hospital for a detailed examination and B-ultrasound. Of course, in daily life, we must keep the genitals clean and sanitary, frequently change underwear, which is very helpful for the disease.

Second: before going to bed at night with cold water cleaning genitals, choose underwear should pay special attention to wear more loose underwear, do not wear tight. And soak your feet before going to bed, accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, ensure the quality of sleep, and try not to drink more water at night.

Third: it has a close relationship with renal function, the constitution will be more empty, will lead to nocturnal enuresis. It is suggested to eat more black food, such as black rice, black beans, black fungus and so on. Black food is very helpful for kidney function.

matters needing attention

During the day, don't hold your urine, keep your mood happy, and don't have too much pressure in life and work. Usually, pay more attention to exercise and exercise. Three meals a day should be regular, and work and rest should be normal. Don't stay up late, and don't get angry. On weekdays, you can do more Taijiquan, yoga and other adjustment exercises.