What can eat treat epilepsy

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Diet is essential for everyone every day, which is very important for everyone to maintain their lives. Of course, it is also very important for friends suffering from epilepsy. If the diet is not appropriate, it will aggravate the disease, so we should pay more attention to diet. Let's talk about what can treat epilepsy.

What can eat treat epilepsy

First: the diet of epilepsy patients should pay special attention to the regularity of their daily diet. They should not be too hungry or full. They may diversify their food and eat more nutritious and digestible food, such as pasta, beans, lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, etc

Second: especially should eat beans, fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, these high protein and phospholipid rich food, help to restore brain function and reduce the number of attacks.

Third: eat less Gaoliang fat food, goose, mutton should eat less. For some foods with high irritancy, such as peppers, scallions and garlic, it is better to eat less, otherwise it is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

matters needing attention

This disease needs attention: Patients with epilepsy should pay attention to magnesium supplement. Because epilepsy patients need long-term drug treatment, sometimes it can cause osteoporosis. In addition to calcium supplement, we should also pay attention to the intake of magnesium. According to calculations, the adult body contains 20-25 grams of magnesium, about half of which is concentrated in the bone, and the magnesium in the bone can not be supplied to the body cells. Calcium and magnesium supplement, the effect is better.