How does bleb grow on the foot do

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Snake gall ulcer is also called herpes zoster, but people usually call it snake gall ulcer. Snake gall ulcer is an acute herpetic skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus. It is characterized by cluster blisters along the body side of the peripheral nerve, a zonal distribution, accompanied by significant neuralgia and local lymphadenopathy, and rarely recurred. In fact, patients only need to go to the hospital in time for relevant treatment, so the following is a specific introduction about how to do the problem of herpes on feet, hoping to help some people.

How does bleb grow on the foot do

Drug 1: virus net. Gentiana, Codonopsis, Poria cocos, astragalus, licorice, Folium Isatidis, dandelion, isatis root, honeysuckle, yam, Atractylodes macrocephala, Hedyotis diffusa, Polygonum cuspidatum. One dose daily.

Drug 2: Compound Banlangen mixture. Rhizoma alismatis, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Radix Astragali, Folium Isatidis, Radix Isatidis, Cortex Phellodendri, Rhizoma Atractylodis and cortex moutan. One dose daily.

Drug 3: valaciclovir (trade name: mingzhuxin and LIZHUWEI): it is the precursor of acyclovir, L-valine ester, and also a nucleoside drug. After oral administration, it was rapidly absorbed and almost completely hydrolyzed into acyclovir. Primary herpes: oral administration of 300mg, 3 times a day for 7-10 days.

matters needing attention

The disease needs attention: dry air worsens dermatitis, especially when heating indoors in winter. Keeping the humidity of indoor air should be the first consideration of patients and their families. So at this time you should consider using a moisture machine, and every room should have one.