Don't like sweating is how to return a responsibility

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In summer, we can often see this phenomenon, some people do not run a few steps or do a little exercise will sweat, and many people after running only a little sweat. Sweating is also a way for human body to discharge waste. It contains inorganic salts and other substances. Sweating in the summer can also help the body to lower the temperature, but some people seldom sweat, and their whole face is so stuffy that they can't sweat. Why do some people sweat so little?

Don't like sweating is how to return a responsibility

First: in fact, the amount of sweating of each person and their health can not be generalized. Some people wear more clothes when they exercise, some people wear less clothes, and the intensity of their exercise will affect the degree of sweating, which is also related to their physical fitness.

Second: the reasons for less sweating may be as follows: first, the pores are too sparse or too thin, sweat is not easy to discharge, and there is a problem with sweat glands. However, if less sweating will not affect your health, you don't need treatment. Just drink more water properly.

Third: sweating in summer can maintain body temperature, and it is difficult for people with less sweating to cool down by sweating, so there may be the phenomenon of high temperature and heatstroke. In this case, it is better for these people to reduce the intensity of exercise and wear some ventilated clothes.

matters needing attention

In daily life, we should insist on drinking more boiled water every day, instead of using all kinds of drinks to replace the body's need for water. In addition, to strengthen physical exercise, physical fitness, there will not be a walk on the sweating situation.