With tuberculosis stay together can infection

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We all know that some tuberculosis is infectious, but there are also many people in our life who will visit tuberculosis patients. Now let's take a look at the infection when we stay with tuberculosis.

With tuberculosis stay together can infection

The first aspect: the transmission route of tuberculosis includes respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin and uterus, but mainly through respiratory tract. Therefore, to visit tuberculosis is also a very important health habit.

The second aspect: whether the patients with tuberculosis are infectious depends on the specific situation of the patients. If the patient is still expectorating, and the sputum test still has tuberculosis, the patient is infectious. People with weak constitution must pay attention to this situation.

The third aspect: living with people with tuberculosis is likely to be infected. Of course, the infection is also very small. If tuberculosis patients receive treatment for a period of time, infectivity is also unlikely.

matters needing attention

We also need to know that some pulmonary tuberculosis is not infectious. At the same time, we suggest that people with weak physique must not visit patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. It is better to visit patients after they have received treatment for a period of time.