What symptom can inflammation appear

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The most common cause of gynecological inflammation is infection, which is usually caused by Candida infection caused by fungi. The symptoms of the disease are white vaginal secretions; some women also have pruritus. Gynecological inflammation in the early stage is very easy to cure, if it develops, there will be repeated disease. A lot of people say that they don't know if they have inflammation in the early stage. What are the symptoms of gynecological inflammation

What symptom can inflammation appear

First: vaginitis is a common disease of gynecological inflammation, mainly including abnormal leucorrhea, vaginal bleeding, frequent urination, urgency and a series of symptoms. The main reason for the attack is often the decline of patients' resistance, which leads to intestinal bacterial infection. It is suggested that women should pay attention to treatment at ordinary times, otherwise infertility may occur.

Second: the disease of cervicitis is a serious gynecological disease. Cervicitis includes cervicovaginal inflammation, as well as inflammation of cervical canal mucosa. As vaginitis may cause the outbreak of cervicovaginal inflammation, women must pay attention to the treatment of vaginitis.

Third: there is also a disease of vulvovaginitis. The main symptoms of vulvovaginitis are pruritus outside the vagina and pain in the same room. Vaginitis may be caused by exogenous infection, foreign body stimulation, and local symptoms of systemic diseases. If the patient is not treated, it may lead to infertility symptoms

matters needing attention

It is suggested that women should pay attention to the health of sexual life at ordinary times, not to have too much sexual relations, and avoid sexual life during disease treatment, so as to prevent the occurrence of cross infection, in which gynecological diseases can not be cured for a long time.