What's the effective way to lose face

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In our daily life, many female sex friends are more beautiful. Now many male and female friends make their faces smaller by various ways. For those who want to lose face, I will tell you about the effective ways to lose face.

What's the effective way to lose face

Method 1: eat more fruits and vegetables that can detumescence and diuresis, such as wax gourd, etc. If your face is obese due to large muscles, please refuse chewing gum, sugar cane and other foods to exercise chewing muscles, because they can only make your facial muscles stronger.

Method 2: the effect of exercise weight loss is omni-directional, if your face is really "swollen", a lot of sweat after strenuous exercise, can help water quickly out of the body.

Method 3: press the middle finger and ring finger of both hands on both sides of the nasal alar alternately, repeat 1-2 times, then massage the cheeks in spiral way, massage from the lower jaw to the lower ear, the middle ear, the nasal alar to the upper ear, repeat 2 times.

matters needing attention

High temperature bath is a good way to lose weight, the same high temperature bath can also lose face. You can take a bath in the bathtub at 38 ℃ every day, with the depth reaching the heart socket, and massage your face with thin face cream. The bath time should be 20 minutes.