What are the advantages of visual painless abortion

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Now many female sex friends have experienced painless abortion. Some time ago, my big cousin just went to the hospital for visual painless abortion. Because of my cousin's work, I haven't planned to have a baby yet. Today, I'd like to share with you the benefits of visual painless abortion.

What are the advantages of visual painless abortion

First: superconducting visual painless abortion is a painless artificial abortion operation under the accurate positioning of special B-ultrasound equipment. The operation is carried out under the monitoring of B-ultrasound, with accurate operation, less damage to endometrium, and effective avoidance of uterine perforation and incomplete suction.

Second: due to the use of new anesthetics, the recovery of consciousness after operation is fast. The patient can leave the hospital within 30 minutes after the operation, which has the advantages of painless and fast speed. Therefore, it is deeply trusted by women.

Third: its biggest advantage is to let patients in the stream of people is no longer suffering from severe pain, there are a lot of a little bit, can protect our body. To eliminate the occurrence of induced abortion syndrome.

matters needing attention

Female friends try to take contraceptive measures in their daily life. Even if it is accidental pregnancy, we should choose a professional hospital for operation, otherwise it will cause a lot of complications. Such as intraoperative bleeding, or cervical laceration, uterine perforation.