Surgical treatment of tubal infertility

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A friend of mine has been preparing to have a baby since two years ago, but she has never been pregnant. Later, when she went to the hospital for examination, she found out that she had ovarian infertility. Fortunately, she did the relevant treatment in time and has improved. Now I will tell you about the operation treatment of tubal infertility.

Surgical treatment of tubal infertility

Treatment 1: ovulation induction, for patients with anovulation. Clomiphene is the first choice for patients with estrogen in the body. From the 5th day of the menstrual cycle, it is generally 50 mg / day. After taking clomiphene for 5 days, ovulation will occur in patients 7-8 days later. The maximum dose is not more than 200 mg, 3 cycles for a course of treatment.

Treatment 2: Supplement luteal secretion function, suitable for patients with luteal insufficiency, from the 20th day of menstrual cycle, intramuscular injection of progesterone 20 mg daily for 5 days.

Treatment 3: to improve the cervical mucus, from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle, oral estradiol valerate tablets 0.25-0.5 mg, for 10 days, make the cervical mucus thin, conducive to sperm through.

matters needing attention

Eat less gas producing food and sweet food. When the bowel sounds too strong, you should eat less sugar and gas producing fermented food, such as soybean, sweet potato, white radish, pumpkin, soybean, etc. this kind of food has a great impact on the stomach.