How does darling abdominal distension return a responsibility all the time?

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A lot of baby belly is always bulging, bulging, as long as find out the cause of its disease, then often treatment is not very difficult. Sometimes it will be distended and crying, which is really distressing. Now let's share about how the baby always has abdominal distension? The knowledge of.

How does darling abdominal distension return a responsibility all the time?

First: the breathing status of small infants, small infants are mostly abdominal breathing, with breathing, the abdomen will fall together. The intestinal length of infants is about 8 times as long as that of adults, 6 times as long as that of infants and 4.5 times as long as that of adults. Under normal circumstances, small infants' intestines contain gas, and they may eat a lot of air when feeding. Therefore, the intestines are in a state of expansion. However, the abdominal muscles of newborns and small infants are weak and affected by the flatulence of intestines. Under normal circumstances, the abdomen is full, and sometimes the intestines can be seen. This is not a disease.

Second: food digestion: food passes through the duodenum and small intestine to form chyme, which is absorbed. Part of the unabsorbed chyme is pushed to the colon through the peristaltic small intestine. The colon continues to ferment the undigested sugars, which can also produce some gas. The gas in the intestinal tube, chyme containing liquid, and peristalsis of the intestinal tube can produce bowel sounds or exhaust, Almost all healthy babies exhaust. As long as the baby's defecation is normal, fecal occult blood test is negative, abdominal wall skin is dry and soft, without obvious tenderness, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, not dyspepsia, and there is no need to change the milk powder.

Third: baby belly drum, mostly abdominal wall relaxation, easily affected by gastrointestinal filling, is a normal phenomenon. As the baby grows up, the stomach will be flat.

matters needing attention

a. When breastfeeding, please pay attention to the baby's breast position, pay attention to let the baby's mouth hold most of the areola; b. When bottle feeding, please put the bottle upside down and fill the nipple with milk, so as to prevent the baby from inhaling too much air; c. After feeding the milk, hold the baby upright, let the baby's head rest on the shoulder, pat on the back for 5 ~ 10 minutes, let the baby exhaust through burping.