Always tinnitus is what reason

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Recently, tinnitus is quite severe. Occasionally, I can't hear other people clearly. It's like cicada chirping. It's difficult to fall asleep at night. Later I learned a lot about the causes of frequent tinnitus. Now I will tell you what causes frequent tinnitus.

Always tinnitus is what reason

First, tinnitus is a subjective sensation, which is difficult to detect. However, the intensity and frequency of tinnitus can be measured by frequency matching and loudness balance with pure tone audiometer. Objective tinnitus can be detected with hearing aid or stethoscope

Second, if palatal myoclonus is suspected, electromyography can be used to examine the relationship between potential changes and tinnitus during muscle activity. X-ray angiography is helpful to diagnose vascular malformation, arteriovenous recurrence, vascular distribution, etc. cervical X-ray film can check whether there is bone hyperplasia and compression of blood vessels. X-ray tomography and CT head scan can exclude intracranial lesions

Third, tinnitus may be related to cerebral blood supply deficiency. The common cause of cerebral blood supply deficiency is cerebral arteriosclerosis, which is directly related to hyperlipidemia. Therefore, this is a comprehensive treatment, mainly controlling blood lipids, expanding cerebral vessels and improving cerebral blood supply

matters needing attention

The reason for frequent tinnitus has been understood. I'll tell you what we should pay attention to: if tinnitus is light, you can press the tragus and its surrounding acupoints, and tinnitus can disappear. If tinnitus keeps ringing and affects mood, you should go to a regular hospital for examination when you work, study and live