How to prevent frostbite? How to prevent frostbite better?

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In the cold season, many people's hands and feet and other parts will become prone to frostbite, therefore, before the arrival of the cold season, we should be prepared to prevent frostbite, the following article is to analyze how to prevent frostbite.

How to prevent frostbite? How to prevent frostbite better?

First: the weather suddenly gets cold in early winter, when frostbite is most likely to occur, special attention should be paid to keep warm, especially in previous years, frostbite parts.

Second: in the prevention of chilblain methods, adhere to participate in physical exercise is the most effective one, regular exercise can help people improve the blood circulation around the body, improve cold resistance and body resistance, is the best way to prevent chilblain.

Third: adhere to the use of cold water to wash hands, face, feet, or cold bath, winter swimming, etc., can significantly avoid local blood circulation, improve cold resistance.

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After mastering the better method to prevent frostbite, we can also prevent frostbite by rubbing and massage in cold weather.