Symptoms of hysteria

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With the continuous development of society, many diseases that we didn't know before have been gradually interpreted. Many people have heard of the word hysteria, but they don't know his symptoms very well, so sometimes they can't judge whether they or the people around them have hysteria. This disease often occurs in women, so women who doubt whether they have hysteria must seriously understand what the symptoms of hysteria are. Only in this way can they better protect themselves, and timely treatment is the most important.

Symptoms of hysteria

If there will be a sudden can not hear or see things, these may also be caused by hysteria physical dysfunction. This kind of situation can discover movement, feeling, reflex function to have certain obstacle. However, detailed examination did not find the corresponding organic basis, and did not conform to the physiological characteristics of neuroanatomy. This is also a typical symptom of hysteria, we must pay close attention to it.

Some of the symptoms of hysteria are not easy for others to find, but you can think about it carefully. Sometimes your scope of consciousness will gradually narrow down, and then you are always in a hazy state. You don't know what you are doing. Your mental activities are limited to the unpleasant experience that causes the disease, and last for a short time, and most of them can't recall afterwards, These are typical symptoms of hysteria.

People with hysteria mainly suffer from mental symptoms. They often have sudden emotional outbursts. Under the influence of mental factors, they have acute onset, which is manifested as crying, laughing, rolling, shouting and so on. Emotional changes quickly, often accompanied by dramatic expressions, but some people think that this is the normal performance of a bad mood, so they do not recognize their disease in time, can not be treated in time.

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There are ways to treat and control any disease, which depends on whether we can find the root of the disease in time and correctly, so it is very useful for us to know more about the symptoms of hysteria when we judge ourselves.