How to treat vegetative organisms on labia?

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In my life, many female friends must also have this gynecological disease like me. I found some vegetations growing on my left labia, which is as big as millet. It doesn't hurt or itch, but my husband doesn't have any symptoms. But these days, I found that it seems more and more. I'm afraid. After the doctor's guidance finally good.

How to treat vegetative organisms on labia?

First: the doctor said that there is a vestibular gland in my labia. If the vulva is polluted by sexual intercourse, inflammation or other conditions, and the glandular orifice is blocked after the invasion of pathogens, it will form a small cyst or abscess similar to a small pimple.

Second: the doctor made a preliminary diagnosis and said that it may be suspected that I have a large vestibular gland cyst, but it must go through the precise examination instrument for specific detection. The doctor said that if I was confirmed as a vestibular gland cyst, I could take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as metronidazole or cefazolin.

Third: after the specific test, I really suffered from vestibular gland cyst. The doctor gave me some ceftriaxone and let me take it for a few days. My condition will get better. After a few days, the small pimples of my labia slowly disappeared, and the back became very smooth.

matters needing attention

Women must pay attention to their own health. Usually also should pay attention to their own wear, do not wear tight clothes, appear vegetative words to pay attention to treatment.