Which is the best way to treat epilepsy

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After the car accident, I had a craniotomy. Three months after the operation, I began to have epileptic symptoms. Now it's much better. I'd like to share with you my experience on which is the best way to treat epilepsy.

Which is the best way to treat epilepsy

Treatment 1: drug treatment: most patients in the treatment of epilepsy is not very understanding, often because the condition is very complex, difficult to treat. This is because long-term drug treatment causes great harm to patients. Many patients will feel that taking a drug for a long time has many toxic and side effects, and they can't stick to it for a long time. Taking different drugs can only aggravate the treatment in the end. Therefore, experts suggest that we must follow the advice and guidance of experts during the course of taking medicine, and do not arbitrarily stop and change drugs.

Treatment 2: surgical treatment: for most patients, surgical treatment will cure difficult and miscellaneous diseases, which must be adopted, but for patients with epilepsy, surgical treatment has a certain foundation, which is implemented on the basis of invalid drug treatment, and surgical treatment needs high positioning, to ensure that the treatment area is the pathogenic area, in order to prevent improper operation to patients It's a lot more harm.

Treatment 3: psychotherapy: the effective treatment of this kind of disease can not be separated from psychological counseling. Many epileptic patients have more or less psychological barriers. They often complain about others, self abandonment, negative inferiority and so on. The psychological guidance of doctors is to encourage the negative attitude of patients and ensure the proper treatment of patients.

matters needing attention

Epilepsy patients should avoid dangerous places and dangerous goods as far as possible, and should not be engaged in high-altitude work and work with high energy tension, such as mountaineering, swimming, driving and cycling. Children should not be alone by the river and the stove, and should not go out alone at night. In particular, they should not do modern air games, such as bungee jumping.