Gastrointestinal heat stroke symptoms?

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Gastrointestinal heat stroke is very common in summer, and this year's summer is coming. In hot summer, the air is dry, and the temperature rises suddenly. Heat stroke has become the main seasonal disease. Workers who have long been outdoor activities and muggy environment need to pay attention to it. Gastrointestinal heat stroke symptoms? Let's talk about it.

Gastrointestinal heat stroke symptoms?

The symptoms of heatstroke vary according to the severity. Generally, if we stay in a high temperature and muggy environment for a long time, our body will give us adverse reactions: slight headache, dizziness, blurred vision, thirst, slightly fast heartbeat, etc.

When the symptoms before heatstroke appear, you should leave the high temperature environment quickly, choose a cool and ventilated place to rest and take in water, and wash your face to cool down.  

In mild heatstroke, the body temperature begins to rise (above 38 ℃), the mouth is hot, the face is red or pale, the sweat flow is continuous, and the skin is wet and cold.

matters needing attention

1. Avoid drinking a large amount of water, heatstroke patients should use a small amount of water, more than 300 ml each time is appropriate, avoid binge drinking. Because a large amount of drinking water will not only dilute the gastric juice, affect the digestive function, but also cause reflexive hyperhidrosis, so that a large amount of water and salt in the body further loss, serious can lead to heat spasm. 2. Avoid eating a lot of greasy food. After heatstroke, you should eat less greasy food to adapt to the digestive ability of stomach in summer. Greasy food will increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, and make a lot of blood stay in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in the relative reduction of blood to the brain, people will feel tired. 3. Avoid pure tonic after heatstroke, the heat has not disappeared, although there is a deficiency, but can not simply use tonic method, early tonic will make the heat is not easy to subside, or make the heat has gradually subsided. 4. Avoid partial diet, heatstroke patients should be light diet, but can be properly supplemented with fish, meat, eggs, milk and so on. In order to ensure that the body needs nutrients.